International Richard-Strauss-Orchestra Academy

From festival season 2018 onwards the Richard-Strauss-Festival in Garmisch-Partenkirchen plans the foundation of an International Richard Strauss Orchestra Academy.

“In the next generation making music together is surely the simplest, but also the most important purpose music can and should serve. Located in the middle of Europe, Germany is well connected with its eastern neighbors Poland and Czech Republic through different cultures and especially through the music of Strauss’ era. This cultural diversity and the self-evident cooperation were strongly shaken by the catastrophes of the World Wars. The Munich agreement in 1938, that has its 80th anniversary in 2018, led to coercion, repression, and suppression. With the foundation of the International Orchestra Academy the Richard-Strauss-Festival wants and must dedicate itself to freedom and cooperation in Europe.” (Alexander Liebreich)

The project will be realized in cooperation with the following conservatories from three different countries:

Czech Republic| Janáček-Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brünn & The Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Poland | The Karol-Szymanowski-Music Academy Katowice
Germany | The University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich & the University of Music, Nuremberg

Scope of the project
For five days approximately 90 students of the before-mentioned conservatories will work on a program with pieces by Leoš Janáček, Karol Szymanowski, and Richard Strauss. This program will be performed as part of the final concert of the festival on July 1st 2018.

During these five days, both coaching sessions held by experienced and well-known musicians and chamber music performances given by the participating students will take place.

The highly renowned director Anu Tali from Estonia will conduct the final concert.
The solo part for the alto will be sung by Katharina Magiera.

Richard Strauss, Don Juan
Karol Szymanowski, Drei Lieder auf Gedichte von Jan Kasprowicz
Leos Janacek, Suite from the Opera “das Schlaue Füchslein”
Richard Strauss, Salome, Tanz der sieben Schleier

There are no participation fees for students. Travel expenses to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, accommodation and provisions will be financed by Richard-Strauss-Festival.

Participation and registration
Registration for the Richard-Strauss Orchestra Academy is exclusively to be made via the Online-Form. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email. After reviewing the registrations we will send you a confirmation of participation with further details enclosed.


As of the festival season 2019 additional European countries will be involved in the project of the orchestra academy. The project is planned for a couple of years and is aimed to become a fixture of Richard-Strauss-festival on the long run.

Schedule 2018
June 25th 2018
Arrival of participants
Meet and Greet of participants and their host families

June 26th 2018
Morning and afternoon rehearsal with coaches in instrumental groups

June 27th 2018
Morning rehearsal with coaches in instrumental groups
Afternoon orchestra rehearsal
Evening chamber music gathering

June 28th 2018
Morning rehearsal with coaches in instrumental groups
Afternoon orchestra rehearsal
Evening chamber music meeting and concert

June 29th 2018
Morning and afternoon orchestra rehearsals

Evening chamber music meeting and concert

June 30th 2018
Morning rehearsal with coaches in instrumental groups
Evening chamber music concert

July 1st 2018
Morning dress rehearsal and concert
Afterwards Three-country-Barbecue with invitations for the audience, the orchestra, host families and sponsors

Intern. Richard-Strauss-Orchesterakademie
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