Dear friends of the Richard-Strauss-Festival,

the Richard-Strauss-Festival will not take place this year due to the corona crisis and the related restrictions on cultural events. The program is to be carried out under the guiding principle “HUMANITAS.MENSCH” on 18.-27. June 2021.

The artistic director Alexander Liebreich also expressed great regret:

“The cancellation of the Richard-Strauss-Festival “HUMANITAS.MENSCH” for 2020 is particularly difficult for our team, all those responsible and myself personally, but the health of the individual and that of society in general has the highest priority.
If we can learn something from the crisis, it is certainty how important culture is for our living together. It’s not just about classical music; All forms of creative action and expanded thinking ensure the necessary quality of survival in this difficult time of limitation. We hope that in June 2021 we will be able to pick up and celebrate the topic “HUMANITAS.MENSCH” in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and its wonderful Werdenfelser Land at concerts and encounters in nature, because it is now just about the continuation, carefully developing and sustainably anchoring of a tradition like that of the Richard-Strauss-Festival. Let us preserve the original concept of culture, interpersonal relationships, intercultural exchange and freedom of thought.”

 Dear audience, your response to the Richard-Strauss-Festival was and is great. We thank you very much. Every live concert thrives on the community of musicians and visitors. With this in mind, we ask you to stay loyal to the festival. Our current festival motto “HUMANITAS.MENSCH” – charged with new explosiveness – offers the framework for a heightened awareness of shared experiences, which is only possible through art.

Our gratitude goes to you, our audience, friends and sponsors.

STAY HEALTHY AND SAVE THE DATE: 18-27 June 2021! You can find details on the tickets purchased (-> under FAQs) and the new program for 2021 on our regularly updated website. Your festival team




Acquired tickets

All purchased tickets remain valid for 2021, or can be exchanged for equivalent vouchers (valid until July 2021) or refunded.

Please support the festival by keeping your tickets for the Festival 2021 now or by exchanging them for equivalent vouchers. The Festival 2021 should keep the same program structure and the same locations of the Festival 2020.

If you prefer vouchers or refunds please contact no later than by the end of September 2020 the ticket sales where you bought the tickets.We will work intensively to replace or process your bookings with vouchers or refunds as promptly and transparently as possible. We ask for your understanding that this complex process will take a few weeks.

Our ticket sales:

GAP ticket: Tel. 08821 730 1995 or

Kreisboten-Verlag: Tel. 08821 7990 or

Munich Ticket GmbH: Tel. 089 5481 8181 or

Stay in touch with us via our website and our social media channels.

Thank you for your loyalty and understanding! Stay healthy!

 Are all planned events of the Richard Strauss Festival 2020 canceled?

All events of our planned program for 2020, which is published in the brochure, will be canceled and the structure should be postponed to the 2021 festival.

What happens if I keep my purchased tickets for 2021?

The structure and the locations of the 2021 program are expected to be identical to the Richard-Strauss-Festival 2020. This means that you can use your tickets e.g. for the opening concert in Ettal Abbey on June 19, 2020 by attending the opening concert in Ettal Abbey on June 18, 2021. Festival 2021 also starts on Friday and Saturday with concerts in Ettal Abbey, followed by the concert on Sunday on the Zugspitze. The festival is expected to end with two events in the Kongresshaus.

The artist line-ups and the concerts themselves will be partially rescheduled. Please be patient until we are able to publish the program for the festival from 18.-27. June 2021.

How can I support the festival?

We thank you very much for your willingness to support the Richard-Strauss-Festival in this difficult time. There are various ways of support, for example through membership in our circle of friends Förderkreis Richard-Strauss-Festspiele e. V. and Freunde des Richard-Strauss-Festivals e. V.  or a donation. In the next few weeks we will inform you about the variants by email, post and of course on our website.